A straightforward route that leads your customers to purchase!


We pay great attention to the development of individual, unique interfaces.

Leads and sales are boosted by a clear, understandable, user-friendly and beautiful UI/UX of the site or app.

Leave the customer to himself or take him by the hand and guarantee to lead him to the purchase? The choice is obvious!

Everything is clear from the
<website visitor's> path

What about the path of <our customer>?

It's simple. Rockit has streamlined business processes, optimal deadlines and guaranteed results.

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Non-unique templates
don't work!

You guessed it. But Rockit will provide real proof.

Rockit - the kind of WEB design it should be!

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Individual approach for each web development project. Developing a strategy and implementing it in innovative web design for maximum results. We combine all of our experience of more than 10 years in Branding, visual design, UX methodology, Analytics, SEO and Digital marketing. And our team of developers can implement even the most complex task, using custom web development or Wordpress. And we have it all at Rockit, in-house.

ceo rickit
Serge Safonov

How do we know
the right way?

And if I want something of my choice?

Then take part in the development together with our team. Or just follow the progress of the work - everything is transparent!

Rockit Rockit

It is better to make a selling WEB design once, than to regret its absence 100 times!

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