The challenge
Square Gallery is an art gallery, for which we have developed a turnkey corporate style, website and materials for promotion in the international art market. The result is a unique and stylish look that will help attract the attention of potential buyers and strengthen the gallery's position.

The solution

What did the client come with?

Our client is an artist who decided to start his own art gallery. The client wanted the gallery to stand out and the marketing materials to inspire a quick contact to discuss organizing an exhibition or purchasing a painting.


To help the gallery make a name for itself in the web space, we developed a style with scenic geometry. The austere forms intersect with artistic expression and one hundred percent underscore and complement the gallery's name. This style perfectly reflects the balance between functionality and beauty.




Showing pictures

Marketing materials

Made branded brochures for the art gallery and the sale of replicas of the artist's paintings.

Google Pagespeed

Site load speed is excellent, Google pagespeed in the green zone

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