SMM promotion in social networks

Increases sales by reaching your target audience through social media.
Competent SMM tactics - this is not intrusive advertising, which can be harmful, but the basis of a positive reputation and regular sales.
Neglecting your SMM channel robs you of potential customers and subscribers who can tell others about you..

Moving together is more useful than moving alone.

Do you think that only likes and followers matter?
Inactive subscribers, who mean nothing but numbers, are not enough to increase sales. It's not their quantity that matters to them, but the quality of their actions.
We will save you from disappointment and build a strategy that will help establish communication with users and increase brand loyalty.
You develop social networks yourself, but no results?
Publishing a few unprocessed posts a week will not attract an audience and will only waste your time.
Rockit will develop a unique content plan for each social network and ensure its timely content.
Have you already worked with a contractor and seen no effect?
So a tactical mistake was made.
We will independently analyze his work, show what results we can achieve. And convince him of the advantages of cooperation with us.
Are you sure that your business principles are unchanged?
Today, offline businesses need social media support as well.
Since 2014, we have been helping our clients promote their services online.
Our goal is a long-term result, not a temporary increase in statistics

ROCKIT cannot do this Ineffective

and is honest about all the steps of the job.
Preliminary discussion and strategy development

Analyze the existing target audience, identify their main needs and doubts. Understanding how to work with customers and their objections will increase the possibility of selling a product or service. We will work through the main competitors, assess the visible disadvantages and advantages and take it into account when developing a strategy.

This will help to highlight your strengths.

Writing a content plan

Based on the results we work out the SMM-strategy in detail, which will be optimal for your business.


No black methods and no scams. Only potential clients who will become real clients.

We will search through related interests, attract through email newsletters and integration with bloggers

Interaction with bloggers

Choose the blogger whose positioning matches your product.

We'll make a bright advertising script and pick the time for more displays.


Regular active work with social networking tools is important for SMM promotion. When they are used correctly, brand credibility and sales increase

We will select the network that suits the specifics of your business and target audience

Comprehensive approach and clear planning

Will ensure the business stable growth, and you confidence
from $2 000/mounth
from $3 000/mounth
* Comprehensive work in all areas reduces the cost of setting up an individual instrument.
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