What makes a good one-page website?

While there is no universal solution for making a perfect one-page website, you can use certain tricks to structure it in a way to increase the conversion rate. 

One of the most popular options to go with is the AIDA model (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action), which by now almost everyone is familiar with. It relies on the customer’s “pain” as the first and foremost element of the website selling structure. That’s our basis to start with and to build the rest on.

Once we have the “pain” defined, we move on to positioning our service as a remedy for it. This is done by answering the simple questions:

  • WHAT is it?
  • WHY use it?
  • WHO will use it?
  • WHAT makes it unique?

Getting clear and simple answers to these questions is sure to give you a basic conversion rate to be further gradually increased by adding new blocks, features, etc. 

Let’s look at an example now.

Assume that a certain law firm sells bankruptcy proceeding services for individuals. So, what would the selling structure of its website look like? We go ahead and answer the above questions as simply and as clearly for the target audience as possible (it’s really important!).

What is the customer’s “pain” here? Large debts to get rid of.

Now we move on to our simple questions from the standpoint of someone who wants to take this “pain” away:

  • WHAT is it? (what do you offer) “Chamomile LLC. Get Out of Debt in 30 days”.
  • WHY use it? “To have a new life without unsustainable obligations to the banks”. 
  • WHO will use it? The target audience is “Everyone whose debts exceed $7,000”.
  • WHAT makes it unique? The competitive advantages you have to offer:
    1. Guaranteed results.
    2. The entire process is fully legit.
    3. Nearly 100,000 people have already benefited from this opportunity.
    4. We have media coverage, licenses, and certificates for each of our lawyers. 
        – 20 years of experience.

Be sure to present this information in a creative and catchy way using emotional triggers, videos, testimonials, competitor comparison tables, etc. Please note that all these are nothing but just a reinforcement of your service’s basic “marketing wrap”. Once you have that, you can proceed to develop the content and structure of your one-page website.

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It is better to make a selling WEB design once, than to regret its absence 100 times!

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