How can we get more contacts from the contact form?

What contact forms exist? Let’s classify them according to the simplest principle.

  1. Simple (1-2 fields). Most often they are just for the collection of contacts. The fewer fields are in this form, the more likely the visitor will fill it out. Usually, such forms are limited to the following fields: “name”, “phone number”, and additionally – “E-mail”.
  2. Forms with a large number of fields. Most often they are used when selling more complex goods and services. The task of such forms is to qualify a lead. In addition to contacts, these fields may include “gender”, “age”, “budget”, within which the offer should be made, “the desired options of the service” (for example, when it is convenient to attend classes – if it’s an English course), “the region of residence”, etc.

What do we need to do so that as many users as possible leave their contacts? Here are four simple tips:

  • The fewer fields, the better. Is your business simple? Place 2 fields in the form: name and phone number or e-mail. Is your offer complex and requiring lead qualification? You should select no more than 2-3 key parameters for the contact form.
  • Include elements that boost credibility in the contact form. For example, place 3 capacious advantages of working with you, statistics of your achievements, or a real photo of the manager with his full name to the left of the contact form fields.
  • Specify the time frame within which you will contact the customer after leaving the request. If the call is within an hour – this is a serious motivation to leave contacts in case the customer needs the product or service quickly.
  • The mini-scheduler with the choice of day and time of the call works well – the customer is sure that he will be contacted, and it inspires confidence.

There are many ways to increase the number of collected contacts. These are the simplest and most obvious of them. If you need recommendations, write to us in the comments!

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