Effective ways to generate new leads

A website without visitors is like a wedding night without a bride. In this article, we’ve put together three sure ways to get more leads for your site to sell better, easier, and with more satisfaction!

Option 1: Quick and Expensive

Contextual advertising is one of the most promising ways to attract potential customers from the very first day of launching your product or service. It has, however, two considerable disadvantages: it requires a rather large budget and professional fine-tuning. Without that, as well as competence in composing the ads, you’ll only lose your money. If you believe you’re up to this task on your own, be sure to include the right numbers and keywords in each ad.

Option 2: Social Media

Targeted advertising on social media is something that also requires funds and, above all, skills: you have to know how to segment the client audience and produce the proper ads to catch their attention. Should you fail to do so the exact moment they scroll through the feed, consider your chance lost. Another option is to use your own groups and business accounts for promotion. The problem is, it only makes sense if you already have the audience to target.

Option 3: Also expensive but less obvious

Influencers have a huge impact on today’s consumers. According to Nielsen, 92% of USA respondents have more trust in bloggers’ opinions than in standard advertising. In some countries, though, the ratio may be around 50/50. Sure thing, for the nearly heads-tails odds, EU influencers seem to charge an obscene amount of money, but that’s the will of the market. And with their revenues not falling, it certainly is having an effect. Still, before you buy ads from a blogger, make sure you thoroughly study their follower base and target audience to avoid making a mistake and barking up the wrong tree.


The perfect solution would be to combine all three advertising channels, but that would be expensive. If you can only afford one approach, start with understanding your offer and your target audience portrait. For example, the bearings sellers are obviously more likely to click on an ad showing in-stock items than watch an hour-long stream on a shop manager’s blog. For the beauty industry, meanwhile, it works the other way around. So, take your time to experiment and don’t hesitate to ask our marketing experts for cost optimization advice if you need it. That’s all for now, see you soon!

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