Business mistakes to avoid when launching a website

To start with, a website is much more than just an additional source of (potential) profit. Now, why did we put “potential” in brackets here? Because launching a website unveils a whole range of drawbacks in your business organization. Below are five of the most common issues companies encounter just a couple of weeks after launching their site. It’s your chance to avoid these risks before it’s too late!

  • You handle your online requests and questions on a first-come, first-served basis. Losing clients because your support tech cannot handle the demand is the gravest (and the silliest) business mistake. That’s a matter of a few minutes, which is exactly the time needed for a client to hear back from your competitor and decide to go with their services. This is why it’s imperative to hire someone who sees working with site visitors as the top priority.
  • Your site is not integrated with a CRM system. If you have a solid customer base and regular orders, there are two reasons why you can’t do without CRM integration. The first is that the manual data correction following your client’s every “touch” takes the bulk of a manager’s time. Secondly, this data will never be 100% accurate (someone got lazy or forgot to add something, or mixed things up, etc.), thereby making analytics based on this data misleading.
  • You have no itemized expenditures to fund the site maintenance and promotion campaigns. Contextual advertising, social media targeting, routine SEO “fine-tuning”, and other things like that should have a fixed budget allocation.
  • You’ve entrusted your site to people with no Internet marketing experience. Website management is not just about “turnover” but also about development. For a website to evolve and add value, the managers must have a fairly wide range of soft skills. At the very least, they must have a basic understanding of advertising campaigns, SEO, SERM, and related areas. This is why you should either choose an experienced manager or seek help from third-party experts and contractors. You can actually ask our advice right now and free of charge, too.
  • You don’t know how to assess your site’s performance. Meanwhile, there is a number of indicators showing how well your site is doing in terms of business purposes. Just one of these, of course, would not be informative. You will have to use a complex set of indicators to gain a complete picture.

The above nuances are the ones we encounter in our daily dealings with our clients. With our wealth of experience in these matters, we are happy to pass it on to you. Please feel free to ask your questions in the comments, and we’ll make sure you get your answers in no time!

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