3 Proven Methods to Raise Website Conversion

Your website attracts visitors but the number of orders is low? To solve the conversion problem, use a professional audit of a website to discover its flaws. However, if such an audit is still pending, here are 3 rock-solid factors, which are sure to help you with the conversion.

  • According to Wyzowl, and we confirm this, videos increase conversion: people may skip reading the website text in full, but they will surely watch the video. Just make sure it is useful and not too long: up to 2 minutes is quite enough. Also, please don’t use autoplay as even Google, let alone your visitors is irritated by suddenly starting videos.
  • One webpage, one offer. This might seem like common sense, but many companies still try to cram as many offers as possible onto their one-page website, causing visitors to lose focus and become confused. If necessary, use separate websites targeted toward different audiences for the remaining offers.
  • Minimize text volume. No one is going to read long and often foggy sheets of text. Use only succinct, concise, and selling copy! Its efficiency is proven by figures: according to medium.com, conversion is inversely proportional to the number of words in the website structure. So, outline advantages in bright language and make active use of infographics and numbers.

Have you read this far? Then, here is your bonus – the TOP 3 reasons why clients refuse to place orders on websites. Finish reading them to increase your conversion rate. It is verified.
I did not order because…

  • The website loads too long and displays incorrectly on mobile devices. Today, most of the traffic originates from gadgets, so, this is the crucial thing!
  • The website structure is complex, and it is impossible to jump to the target block (to submit contacts, for example).
  • I am afraid of data leakage (I don’t trust the website). Provide additional confirmations of personal data safety – emphasize this in the website text.
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It is better to make a selling WEB design once, than to regret its absence 100 times!

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