3 must-know things about SEO

Getting to the top search results takes work. But why? Here’s our short, succinct, and truthful answer.

  • SEO is about everything. Most people who come across search engine optimization for the first time see SEO’s role as handling the text content of their website. Like, all you have to do is put the right keywords in your text, and voila, it’s done. However, text optimization is just one of the steps to improve your site’s position. SEO, meanwhile, implies maximizing the efficiency of the whole website from structure to behavioral influence (what exactly visitors do and how actively they behave on the site). These include page layout, site speed, link mass, title and description, sitemap, and much more. And yet the centerpiece here is the quality of your content.
  • SEO is time-consuming. Now that you’ve read the 1st paragraph, you probably get that we’re talking about a significant workload here. Throw in all the time needed for the algorithms to index all the changes that have been made. With all that in mind, SEO guys’ famous catchphrase, “You’ll start seeing changes in four to five months”, no longer sounds so exaggerated.
  • SEO is expensive. Here comes the best part: throughout these four to five months (or rather more, as perfect promotion efforts have to be continuous), you have to pay the SEO team their salaries. As crazy as it may seem to some people, it is still true.


Things are not so bad if you look at SEO as a set of mandatory measures you should be ready to take before launching your website. From that angle, this seems like nothing but the normal way of handling any business. After all, no one questions the monthly depreciation of machinery, do they? Same thing here: growth always calls for investment, making it all a matter of their size and objectives.

Did you think about SEO promotion for your site? Start with identifying the pivotal points to work on. Our team can give you all the advice you need, free of charge.

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